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Turnaround Investments

Wagram has successfully invested in and supported many companies that needed to go through a turnaround.

If a turnaround opportunity arises we focus on growth opportunities. How can a company sell more and higher added value products? Cost cutting, although necessary, is only a temporary relief. Our experience is that the real recovery is to be sought in the market, by growing and selling better products and services.

Companies in a recovery phase are under time pressure. The recovery plan is often full of uncertainties that can not be excluded. We focus on the most important issues and accept the implicit risks of a turnaround. Wagram has ample experience with structuring and financing of companies in a recovery phase. We can move fast and decisive if required. If the situation demands it, Wagram can offer hands-on support to the company and its management team.

For a turnaround to be successful, it requires firm and defined commitment from all the appropriate resources. Wagram ensures that at the start of each project, such elements are in place including the process management. This results in cohesive co-operation between all involved parties which is the key to success. This is achieved by:

  • Financial stability;
  • Close co-operation with management;
  • Ability to respond in a fast and decisive manner; and
  • Intensive use of Wagram's extensive network.
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