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Turnaround investments    
Management buy-outs    
Investment Strategy

Management Buy-outs, Carve-outs and Expansion financings

Wagram has supported numerous Management Buy-Outs, Buy-In’s, carve-outs and expansion financings.

We can offer solutions for family businesses without a family successor, divestments of non-core businesses, companies that need financial resources to expand further and public companies going private.

We have short decision lines and an action oriented approach to business. We support management in all major business decisions and monitor performance on a regular basis, generally through the Supervisory Board or a similar position.

Examples of Management Buy-Out’s, Buy-In’s, carve-out’s, expansion financings are Den Braven, Edelman, AGZ, Stokvis Tapes, etc. Examples of expansion financings are Delta instruments, Nedalo, Drukkerij Zwart, etc.

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